Remote Monitoring and IOT

The internet of things (IOT) is creating a network among various physical devices embedded using software or sensors. The main purpose of IOT is connecting many devices under one secure setup, those networked devices are identified uniquely using computing system so that it can transmit data within an internet infrastructure.

Designing a dedicated structure for connected devices under an internet infrastructure plays an important role as various kinds of information get captured from devices and then get transmitted within the infrastructure creating a greater level of connectivity among devices. IOT technology is undergoing various research to implement efficient, less costing inventions in numerous fields.

There are a wide range of IOT applications in healthcare, from monitoring using smart sensors to medical device integration. Healthcare industry remains the fastest field to adopt Internet of Things. It is important to ensure patient data is captured thoroughly, both inside medical facilities and outside, for providing better treatment and personalized medicine.

People affected with lifestyle diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, etc. think that they are free from the ailment
when they do not see any symptoms. IOT can be utilized in the care-givers system to observe their patients in real time and improve patient treatments accordingly. Also, integrating remote monitoring features into
medical devices can greatly improve the quality of patient outcomes.

Remote self monitoring systems can be used to monitor patients who are discharged with an advice to take
regular tests on BP or diabetes or heart beat rate levels.
Example: Taking morning sugar test without and with food for one week to observe patient sugar levels. In this case, IOT based remote self monitoring can help the care provider receive patient test values within the EHR in a scheduled manner, by which they can direct their patients on intake of medicine and diet plan. Depending on the patient data received, care givers must be able to provide timely consultation from the EHR through a communication medium like email, while the system can also be able to schedule follow up visits automatically depending on the severity of the condition.

One of the main uses of remote self monitoring is connecting medical devices or wearables used to monitor patients at home or far away from their care provider or care facility. Wearables like BP fitness tracker, digital BP monitor and medical devices like blood glucose monitor when connected to their smartphone via bluetooth transmit the tested values directly to the server, making it easily available to the careprovider.

As patient sensitive medical details and personal details are transmitted via network it is important to have dedicated API support and hospitals can consider implementing it within an EHR. Computing system can be designed to pass tested values as per the care provider’s schedule.

Remote self monitoring system helps to give a good understanding of the ailment and provides timely directions to the care provider. Although privacy could be a concern, a secured private API with firewall protection can be used for transmitting patient medical details to care providers system.

Remote self monitoring system using IOT is a smart way of monitoring and improve patients outcomes. The aim is to improve the quality of life of patients, not just monitoring them, as it can also directs them to improve their eating habits and workout routines. Just like how Google Analytics is reinventing the world of online marketing using website date, IOT has the potential to use data to change the reinvent care delivery in healthcare.



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Monisha V and Aravind PK

Engineer- Trainees @Incarnus

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