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Journey Towards Creating a Better Tomorrow in Terms of Improved Patient Care and Patient Satisfaction

Sardar Vallabhai Patel Hospital (SVP), Ahmedabad has been instrumental in identifying a digital roadmap and been successful in bringing up the necessary IT infrastructure to operationalise the traditional patient care delivery into a transformative way of relationships between doctor and patient as their customers.

SVP in its true spirit has invested significantly into a world class healthcare infrastructure which not only includes latest equipments, modalities and man power but also figures out a better way of automating their operational work flow through Incarnus.

Here, Incarnus is a driving factor to narrate the entire patient journey from admission to discharge in a more structured way. Right from unique ID creation for all of their patients, this system enables seamless integration and interaction amongst doctors and patients, which significantly impacts hospital operations in its true sense of customer delight.

The patient being a focal point, all of their digital foot prints get into a matured way of building an Electronic Medical Record. It is a great joy here to see busy doctors carrying out their patient consultation and treatment activities along with real time data capture and referencing for their continuity as well. It is anticipated that digital healthcare as a concept is being translated here into a reality by active involvement from all stakeholders (Admin, Nurses, Technicians and Doctors) during their every day touch points with patients as well as during inter-departmental collaboration. Incarnus being the digital back bone to help and enable this transformational journey is a matter of pride and greater satisfaction and a true sense of measurement of its technology capabilities blended with deep functional know how. Here is the clip on how this journey looks like- Click here to view video.

Narayan Hegde

Vice President- Projects

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