Revolutionizing Healthcare using Artificial Intelligence

Treatment and prevention of rare and dangerous diseases often depends on detecting the symptoms at the right time. In many cases, early diagnosis can result in complete cure. Conversely, a late or wrong diagnosis can have damaging or potentially fatal results. Human skills and experience are limited and hard-to-earn when it comes to examining images and samples and making reliable…

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Gearing up for the Silver Tsunami

Technology Innovation in focus: Aging in Place Technology: Remote Patient Monitoring and Geriatric Smart Homes. One of the biggest mega trends impacting the world today is population aging, and by 2030 the average life expectancy is expected to rise to 110. As the number of senior people rises in many economies of the world, the need for long-term care and…

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Disease Pattern Analysis using Big Data in Healthcare

In the modern era big data analytics has becomes one of the most popular and demanding technologies for healthcare as it has become imperative to obtain useful insights from available data-sets. In this article, we are going to talk about healthcare data analysis to identify disease patterns using big data techniques such as ‘Hadoop Map reduce’ followed by ‘K-means clustering’…

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Promoting Better Health by Engaging and Empowering Patients

Introduction Healthcare Organizations are enabling shared decision-making and transforming the care experience by engaging patients in real-time. By doing so, patients know possible treatment, medication and recuperation options along with other aspects of the healthcare system that support these choices. But what exactly is it? The term “Patient Engagement” has many definitions for each use-case. But overall, the term leads…

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